Monday, July 2, 2012

Attention Annuity Buyers!

Annuity Bonus and rate is going to be down on 7/3!

Because of the continuing downward interest rate pressure, the annuity rate will be reduced in the beginning of July. Effective on July 3, 2012, Allianz and North America’s guaranteed yearly return rate will be reduced.

See below for the detail rate deduction information:


MasterDex X & Simple Income Reduced (Effective July 3, 2012)

1. The premium bonus will be reduced from 6% to 5%

2. Simple Income (Guaranteed return/yr) will drop from 7% to 6%

For the 360 Benefit rider on Allianz 360SM Annuity, the annual rider charge will increase from 0.95% to 1.05% except in DE and MN, where it will increase to 1.00%.

If you want to receive the old rates, all applications must be received in the Home Office before July 2, 2012.

North American

Income Pay Bonus Credit Reduction

Effective on July 3, 2012, please note the following changes being made:

Option 2

Guaranteed return 7.00% each year for 10 years will be reduced to 6.50%

Option 3

Guaranteed return 6.75% each year for 20 years will be reduced to 6.25%

If you want to receive the old rates ,NACOLAH will accept faxed, signed applications and election forms to hold previous Bonus Credit rates faxed to the home office on Monday, July 2, 2012. Originals must be received in the home office July 3, 2012 by 5:00 pm CST.

If you have any questions, please contact TEL510-573-6888FAX510-438-9047e-mail: JC Insurance ServicesWebsite: