Monday, February 14, 2011

韓中芬出席World Journal35周年慶祝茶會。

New Health Care Options for Uninsured Children:

Act Before March 1st to get lower premiums for the Health Care your children May Need.

Important Enrollment Window Closing soon

Individual Insurance

No More Denials for Pre-existing conditions- because of the new federal health care law, all children must be offered health coverage if they apply. Insurance comnpanies can no longer deny kids coverage because of a Preexisting condition like asthma or diabetes.

Apply Before March 1 st to Avoid Much Higher Costs-If you wait and apply after the "open enrollment period" ends on March 1 st, you could face much higher premium costs since there are no limits on premiums outside the open enrollment period. After March 1 st, the next "open enrollment period is the month your child was born.

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