Friday, July 10, 2009

2009 Medicare premium rate & coinsurance

Medicare Premiums for 2009:
Part A: (Hospital Insurance) Premium
Most people do not pay a monthly Part A premium because they or a spouse has 40 or more quarters of Medicare-covered employment.
The Part A premium is $244.00 per month for people having 30-39 quarters of Medicare-covered employment.
The Part A premium is $443.00 per month for people who are not otherwise eligible for premium-free hospital insurance and have less than 30 quarters of Medicare-covered employment.
Part B: (Medical Insurance) Premium
$96.40 per month*
Medicare Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts for 2009:
Part A: (pays for inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, and some home health care) For each benefit period Medicare pays all covered costs except the Medicare Part A deductible (2009 = $1,068) during the first 60 days and coinsurance amounts for hospital stays that last beyond 60 days and no more than 150 days.
For each benefit period you pay:
A total of $1,068 for a hospital stay of 1-60 days.
$267 per day for days 61-90 of a hospital stay.
$534 per day for days 91-150 of a hospital stay (Lifetime Reserve Days).
All costs for each day beyond 150 days
Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance
$133.50 per day for days 21 through 100 each benefit period.
Part B: (covers Medicare eligible physician services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment)
$135.00 per year. (Note: You pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for services after you meet the $135.00 deductible.)
Additional information about the Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance rates for 2009 is available in the September 19, 2008 Fact Sheet titled, "CMS Announces Medicare Premiums, Deductibles for 2009" on the website.
*Note: If your income is above $85,000 (single) or $170,000 (married couple), then your Medicare Part B premium may be higher than $96.40 per month. For additional details, see our FAQ titled: " Medicare Part B Monthly Premiums in 2009"

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