Friday, July 10, 2009

UnitedHealthcare Small Group & SecureHorizons meeting

I am grateful that I had joined today's meeting that hosted by UnitedHealthcare. It remind me that the premium is not the only criteria in chosing a right medical insurance plan, product quality and coverage are important as well.

Most of my customer are based on the premium to make their decision in purchasing health insurance, today, I would like to show to them the importance of a product quaulity.

For example, when you do the Lab or Xray with a UnitedHealthcase PPO plan there is no deductible, the Rehab services is covered by the co-pay, whic with other types of plan might had cost you. Moreover, there are NO balance billing for ER, Anesthesiology pathology and all other services.

UnitedHealthcare also introduce to us the SecureHorizons plan, which is $0 monthly premium HealthPlan for Senior ($0 monthly health plan premium available when you continue to pay your Part B premium ).

Thank you Rachel for this good news for us.

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